Friday, September 18, 2015

Tempting Fortune by Jo Beverley
(The Malloren World, Book 2)

Publisher & Release Date: ePublishing Works!, July 12, 2013

Time and setting: 1761, England

Genre: Historical Georgian Romance

Heat Level: 1 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 4.25 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

Lord Arcenbryght Malloren is done with love. If he marries it will be for money to invest in his favorite scheme—canal building.

Then he meets the impoverished Portia St. Claire, and is soon entangled in her and her family's ruinous affairs.

It doesn't take Bryght long to decide that Portia is the woman for him. But can he persuade Portia to trust a rich, devastatingly handsome nobleman who appears to be a reckless gamester?

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Vikki’s Musings

I have read Jo Beverley’s books for years and have yet to read one I didn’t like. Tempting Fortune is the second book in the Malloran World series, and while it is not my favorite book of hers, it was still a delightful read from start to finish.

Portia St. Claire wants to save her younger brother from his reckless ways. By doing so, it leads her into one haphazard escapade after another as she comes embroiled in Oliver’s problems. When she enters the Malloren realm, her life changes forever.

When Lord Arcenbryght Malloren bumps into Portia while housebreaking, she sends him into a tailspin. The last thing he expects it to be attracted to a pocket sized amazon who leads him on a merry chase as he attempts to keep her save from the unsavory gentlemen after her brother.

Has Bryght finally met his match in Portia and has she captured his heart? Can she find a way to love a man whose pursuit of risky investments sends terror to her heart? Can love indeed conquer all?  

Tempting Fortune is a rollercoaster ride, with Portia going from one precarious situation to another. I loved the fast pace and the creativity in which Ms. Beverley draws me into her stories and holds me there to the very end. Her books always go in a unique direction, and Tempting Fortune certainly does that.

At times, I loved Portia’s character, but at other times, I became annoyed with her. She is blind-sighted when it comes to her brother and it leads her into incredibly dangerous endeavors. She is fearless and brave, but her loyalty to her rapscallion brother keeps her from seeing the truth much of the time. Thank goodness Bryght is there to save her over and over again, yet she is so afraid to trust him. Even at the end of the book, she is still mistrusting.

I loved Bryght from the first page to the last, and his willingness to not give up on Portia, only endeared him to me even more. Most men would have left her to her own devices. Although, Portia drives him to distraction, his love for her remains constant.

If you enjoy a story that covers a gambit of emotions and keeps you glued to the book, then you will love Tempting Fortune. If you haven’t entered the Malloren world, I suggest you do if you enjoy a series with engaging characters and creative story lines. Happy reading!  

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