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Book & Audio Review: Virtuous by M.S. Force

Virtuous by M.S. Force
A Quantum Novel, Book 1

 Publisher & Release Date: HTJB, Inc, Avon, April 14, 2015

Time and setting: Present Day, NYC

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length:  278 pages

Heat Level: 3 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

He’s a sexual dominant. She’s sworn off sex. There’s no way they can make a relationship work—or can they?

After surviving a traumatic event at age fifteen and the ensuing estrangement from her family, Natalie Bryant has worked for years to reinvent herself into the woman she is today—a happy teacher fresh out of college and enjoying her first winter in New York City with her faithful dog, Fluff, by her side. Natalie isn’t expecting her life to change completely during a routine stroll through Greenwich Village on a blustery January day. But when Fluff breaks loose and charges into a park, Natalie gives chase and crashes into her destiny. Only after Fluff bites and draws blood from the man who accidentally knocked Natalie down does she realize Fluff has bitten the biggest movie star in the world.

He has no business being enthralled by the gorgeous, young, innocent teacher…
Natalie captivates Flynn Godfrey from the first moment their eyes meet while she is lying on the ground and he’s fighting off her ferocious little beast of a dog. The only thing Flynn knows for certain is if he lets Natalie get away, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. After only a short time in her presence, Flynn is prepared to change who he is to be what she needs. He knows he’s in big trouble when she says she won’t sleep with him and he doesn’t care if it means he gets to keep her in his life. But can he turn his back on the lifestyle that has defined him? Can he deny the desires that drive him to give Natalie the introduction to love and romance she so deserves? And most of all, can he keep his truth hidden from her long enough to have forever with her?

Join Flynn and Natalie as their story unfolds in three full-length books released three weeks in a row: VIRTUOUS, VALOROUS and VICTORIOUS. From New York to Los Angeles, from Hollywood to Las Vegas, Flynn and Natalie’s whirlwind love affair has it all—romance, passion, steamy hot sex, relentless paparazzi and a murder that could be their undoing.

If you hate dirty-talking heroes who put it all on the line for the women they love, who leave no desire unfulfilled, who will do anything it takes to protect what’s theirs…If elements of BDSM make you queasy, if smoking hot sex isn’t your thing, if cliffhangers make you rage, if you hate first-person points of view from the heroine AND the hero... this series is NOT for you! You’ve been warned…

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Vikki’s Musings

Wow, just, wow! Marie Force does is again. With Virtuous, she is using the pen name, M.S. Force, to alert her readers that this series is different from the rest of her books. This story is grittier, sexier and more explicit, but absolutely riveting. I am so glad I discovered Virtuous.

When Natalie Bryant’s dog causes her to run into a stranger in the park, she’d awe-struck when she discovers it’s the famous actor, Flynn Godfrey. Then to add insult to injury Fuff bites him when he tries to help her stand.

Flynn loses himself in this young woman’s warm brown eyes. He’s never felt such an immediate and overwhelming attraction before, and he’s been with lots of women in his past. Unable to stop, he asks her to go with him for coffee.

When Flynn realizes how innocent and naïve Natalie is, how can he possibly pursue her, knowing she could never understand his darker side? Will he do the right thing and leave her alone, or can he change his lifestyle to have a chance with this woman who has captivated him as never before?

Virtuous grabbed me from the first scene and kept in its thrall to the very end. The story is compelling, and the characters are complex. I could not stop reading/listening to this amazing story.

Natalie’s back story, which Ms. Force weaves into the story with incredible expertise, is heart-wrenching. I fell in love with her character right away. Her strength and determination to forge ahead into a new life is nothing less than spectacular, considering what happened to her when she was only fifteen.

Flynn’s character is merciless in his pursuit, yet is willing to turn his life upside down to have Natalie in his life. Even if it means turning his back on the lifestyle he’s had for the last ten years.  His tenderness and care for her stole my heart.

I listened to the audio version of Virtuous and thoroughly enjoyed the performance by Cooper North and Brooke Bloomingdale. Both individuals did an incredible job. Cooper North gave each character a distinct voice and so did Ms. Bloomingdale. They truly brought this fantastic story to life. The emotion they put in their voices brought tears to my eyes. I will definitely look for other books narrated by them.

If you want a book to take you on a roller coaster of emotions, one that will have you laughing one minute at the antics of Natalie’s little beast of a dog and crying next as the story unfolds, then you will positively LOVE Virtuous as much as I. This is not a book for the faint of heart. You must be able to handle graphic language, BDSM elements and enjoy a cliff hanger. You’ll want to have Valorous, the next book in the series available. 

I have now read the other two books in this series. I found Valorous and Victorious as riveting and compelling as Virtuous. I could not stop reading these books. I highly recommend this marvelous series to anyone who enjoys books with plenty of hot sex and BDSM elements. Ms. Force certainly did her research. Happy reading!

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Virtual Book Tour: One More Sunset by Jolyse Barnett

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by my blog today. The spotlight is on One More Sunset by Jolyse Barnett. Ms. Barnett will be giving away some awesome One More Sunset swag. Make sure you follow the link below to enter!

One More Sunset by Jolyse Barnett

Publisher & Release Date: Booktrope Editions, September 18, 2015

Time and setting: Present Day, Key West, Florida/NYC

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Paranormal/Romantic Suspense

Length:  171 pages

Heat Level: 2 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

Some people run for exercise while others run for fun. Abby Stone spends most days running for her life.

After Abby Stone’s ex-boyfriend shows up at her new hideout and she uses a bottle of wine as an impromptu weapon, calling the police is out of the question. His family has a knack for erasing charges and pesky restraining orders. Desperate, she prays for help. A magical suitcase appears and she’s compelled to play an unsettling game involving a sexy, kind stranger while staying one breath ahead of her stalker.

Dylan Reece has overcome tragedy and enjoys life as a single Key West handyman and fisherman. Yet Abby’s sad, wary eyes hold secrets and a chance for his redemption, if not more…

Will the magic of their love be enough to save them?

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Vikki’s Musings

One More Sunset is a fantastic book. When I agreed to read and review in exchange for an honest review, I almost passed on this one because of a heavy load of commitments. I am so glad I didn’t. This book has a bit it all.

Abby Stone is on the run from her stalker ex-boyfriend. Just when she thinks she save, he shows up. The last time, she ended up in the hospital with a broken wrist. When he finds her yet again in NYC, she barely gets away from him. While Kyle is knocked out, she accepts delivery of a red suitcase, then dashes for a cab. Inside the vehicle, she finds plane tickets and a lot of cash.

When Dylan Reece sees Abby in the airport waiting for the same flight he is, he is immediately attracted, but she isn’t interested. When he gets home to Old Town, Key West, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind.

When Abby shows up, this is Dylan’s chance to see if she is the woman of his dreams, or an illusion. But when her crazy ex shows up again, can he convince her to stay instead of run?

Abby Stone is a great heroine. She determined, brave, and a truly nice person. I became fully vested in her character from the first page, which is an awesome opening scene, by the way. The fear she feels when her diabolical ex-boyfriend shows up just jumps off the page.

I loved Dylan Reece’s character. He’s the super nice, yet good looking kind of guy most females want to meet and fall in love with. He’s kind, considerate, has a great sense of humor and very protective, a perfect alpha male without being a playboy.

There is an unusual aspect to this story, one I wasn’t sure would work, but I was so wrong. The mysterious red suitcase adds a lot to the book. I’m normally not into books with magic, but it is sprinkled in and the two magical females add a bit of humor to this dramatic tale of romance and suspense.

The pacing is excellent throughout the story. The details of the scenery are just right, enough to paint a picture, but still allowed me to use my imagination. At times, this is a hold onto your seat as one exciting scene after another happens. This really does have it all. A wonderful love story, great characters and plenty of action makes this a book one you will not want to put down.

If you like an action-packed tale of love, intrigue with great sensual tension, then you will love One More Sunset. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend you give it a try. Happy reading!


“Uh, sorry.” She shoved the phone back into her shorts pocket, checked the number on the pump, and strode into the station. The place was empty at this hour of the morning, aside from the clerk behind the counter and a middle-aged man helping himself at the hotdog rotisserie. The other customer turned and gazed, a heartbeat too long for Abby’s comfort, before he looked away. The overhead lights flickered and hummed, lending a creepy mood to the cramped space. She fumbled for her cash.
Note to self. Stop watching Hitchcock movies at all hours of the night.
Abby jumped when the clerk spoke. “Pump four, right?” At her nod, he asked, “Anything else?”
She felt the other man’s gaze settle on her once more as she shook her head. “No, thanks.” Too freaked out to look back, she fled the building, anxious to refill the tank and put more miles behind her. Had Kyle been the one on the line?  How had he found her number?

Quaking with fear, she jammed the nozzle into her car and squeezed the trigger, willing the gas to pump faster. She tapped her fingers on the hood of the car. The bell on the gas station’s door rang as the middle-aged man stepped out and moved toward her. He stared at her, and she couldn’t help but stare back. Did she know him? Worse, did he recognize her?


Author Jolyse Barnett writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. As a little girl growing up in upstate New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, she enjoyed chasing fireflies, riding her ten-speed bike on winding country roads, and playing horseshoes at family picnics through endless summers. Winter was another kind of adventure for an active kid, with skiing in the Adirondack Mountains, trips to the local public library to feed a voracious reading habit, and ice skating with her siblings on a frozen pond near her childhood home. 

Much to the confusion of her peers, she discovered the thrill of storytelling at a young age, often forgetting to differentiate between fact and fantasy. Thankfully her fifth grade teacher encouraged her to memorize poems and create her own—unleashing her inner writer. 

After graduating from high school, she developed a more practical side. She earned a degree in Writing, fell in love with her best friend, and now lives her happily-ever-after in Long Island suburbia. Who knew the dream home would include a leaky kitchen faucet, piles of laundry, and a too-hairy cat? But with love, it's all good. She enjoys a fulfilling day job where she shares her love of language and explores the world one vacation at a time with her two children and real-life hero. Jolyse loves to connect with her readers. You can find her social media links blow.

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