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Book Review: Bad Case of Lovin' You by Anita Louise

Bad Case of Lovin’ You by Anita Louise

Publisher & Release: Candlelite Publishing, November 30, 2015

Time and setting:  Present Day, Boulder, Colorado

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length: 326 pages

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Rating: 3.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

Zack Carter works long hours as an emergency room physician in Boulder, and he has no time for romance. Besides, he doesn’t trust women. His engagement to his high school sweetheart ended when he found her in bed with another man. He knows better than to open himself up again. But the first time he sees Brooke Adler, she practically takes his breath away.

When Brooke Adler’s mother ends up in the hospital, the last thing in the world Brooke expects to find is love. But when Dr. Zackary Carter walks into the cafeteria, she thinks she might have found her own personal Doctor McDreamy.

Zack and Brooke meet again in the popular Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder and sparks fly. Now he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. But Brooke can’t seem to get past the fact that males have been choosing her flamboyant twin over her since they were six years old. Can she expect anything different from the handsome doctor?

Intended for mature audiences 18 years of age and older.

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Vikki’s Musings
I received an ARC from the author for a chance to read and review for an honest review. The book description appealed to me, so I accepted. Bad Case of Lovin’ You is a novel of family, love and friendship.

Brooke Adler is a middle school teacher and the last thing she expects is to run into Zack Carter, the doctor she met when her mother ended up in the hospital. The attraction is so strong neither can deny it.

Both have issues from their past that makes it difficult to trust each other, but when situations keep bringing them together, the sparks fly and they can no longer stay away from each other. Can they learn to trust that their feelings are real and find an ever-lasting love?

I enjoyed the romance between Zack and Brooke, both are likable characters. I also enjoyed the sub-plot involving Shelly and Mary Ann. I did expect that one to go in a different direction and was more interested in it than the actual romance.

Brooke’s character has quite a few insecurities because her twin always gained the attention of the males whenever they were together. She lost more than one man because of this. She’s afraid that Zack will do the same thing, and it takes some time for her to accept he is different and truly wants her and no other.

Zack’s character caught his ex-fiancé in bed with another man, so he gave up on love and devoted his life to his career until he meets Brooke. I enjoyed finding out how he moved beyond his doubts and allowed himself to fall in love with Brooke. He shows a lot of patience with her.

For much of the book, I thought it would be a 5 Gold Crown review, but there were a few things that happened in the second half of the book that affected my rating. I was not fond of the way Ms. Louise left the Nathan character’s situation. While yes, he does end up getting in trouble with the law, I felt there was a plot hole with the situation with his daughter, Mary Ann. He deserved to be punished directly for his actions, not because of his bad choices after the fact.

I also did not enjoy some of the sexual scenes very much. I don’t believe the erotic nature of some of their encounters did not fit the sweet nature of their romance and felt they were out of character.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the sparkling dialogue and the family unity between the Adlers and Zack’s caring relationship with his mother and brother. That alone made it a worthwhile read. I will probably read the next book in the series. Happy reading!

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