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Spotlight on Jamela

Kidnapped in Love by Jamela

Book Description: 

What would you do if you were kidnapped and held for months? How would you cope and what would you do to survive? Trisha normally wouldn't have found herself in a situation like this. However, she stepped out of her comfort zone and did something she did not want to do, to please James. Was he worth it? Trisha has a thriving business and two small children. How will her family be affected? Will her children remember her?
The circumstances take an unexpected turn for all involved. The kidnapper and the husband are in for a surprise when the police get involved. Who will suffer for their actions? Will Trisha get back to her children Mary and Eddie and her loving husband, James? This twist is a shocker for all involved!

Kidnapped in Love 2: Backfire by Jamela

Book Description:

Trisha has dealt with the death of her husband and being kidnapped by a man she thought was her friend. Her life is good, now. She and her children are happy after losing James. She can finally breathe again. She is not afraid of anyone hurting her and all of her problems have been solved. She is a successful business owner and she is living her dream life. No more being guarded.

So, she lets the wall she built fall down and falls in love with the man of her dreams. It was unforeseen, to say the least. Derrick is a young handsome driven man who has known Trisha for several years. He knows what he wants and will not stop until he gets it. Trisha is the goal. She is living a fairytale life. She has it all; great family, career, money and everything a family oriented woman could possibly want. Life is better than good, it’s great!

But, things are not always what they seem. Trisha will do anything to protect the children she loves and the life she has built. Who wouldn’t? But she has skeletons in her closet which threaten the happiness of her world and entire family. Will she end up paying for past sins, real or imagined? Will her children suffer? Or will Trisha come out on top, again?
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As Trisha starts the car, Derrick reads the emails on his phone. He tells Trisha where they are going and she squeals with delight as she drives. “Trisha, I saw the doctor this morning.”

                “Oh, I didn’t know you had an appointment. What is wrong, is your back still bothering you?”

                “No, my back is fine as long as I take the pain medication. I went to a specialist. He is the doctor that treats patients with Alport Syndrome.” Derrick confesses.

                Trisha is shocked at this news and pulls over into a parking lot. “Derrick, what are you talking about? Did you go to find a doctor for Sidney?”

                “No, I did not go to find a doctor for Sidney. I went to my doctor. I have Alport Syndrome, Trisha. I’ve been seeing the same specialist for a while.”

                “Wait, you mean you have the same illness Sidney has?! Why didn’t you tell me Derrick?” Trisha says squirming in her seat.

                “Because I did not want to scare you away. I am so in love with you and I have been for a long time, even before I said anything to you. I didn’t want to see this reaction from you because I do not want to lose you, Trisha. My intentions were good. I’m sorry.” He says and lowers his head.

                “Derrick. You know how much I love you. I have completely changed my life because you mean the world to me. But, we had a conversation the other day about secrets. What do you think this is? How could you keep this from me? I mean, chances are it would not have mattered, the same way it doesn’t matter right now.”

                “Okay, if it doesn’t matter, then why are you so upset?”

                “Derrick, I’m upset because you did not have enough faith in me to realize that I would still be by your side. I’m just disappointed.” Trisha says and bursts into tears.

                Immediately Derrick reaches over to comfort her. After all, that has been his job for a few years now and it is a hard habit to break. He thinks about the situation and tries to look at it from Trisha’s point of view. He realizes that she has a good point. He could and should have come clean earlier.

Author Bio:

I've always loved reading and writing short stories so I write what I see. My hubby calls me a "lover of words".

Jamela/Ms. J has been writing for 35+ plus years. She currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia Metro with her musician/videographer husband. She reads almost anything and writes mainly fiction. She dabbles in poetry, prose and other non-fiction works. She has been published in regional magazines and newsletters. She released a medical book on Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. Her collection of short stories which focuses on women surviving relationships, And I Trusted You was released in 2013. She released a 2nd edition of What Is This World Coming To? (a collection of YA sci-fi short stories) in 2014. In 2014 she also released Kidnapped in Love, Because I Love You, Unknown Factor and Run Trilogy. She enjoys, reading, singing and obviously, writing. Ms. J believes everything good will take hard work and is worth having, especially if it benefits others.

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