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Book & Audio Review: Taming Damian by Jessica Wood

Taming Damian by Jessica Wood

Publisher & Release: ERH Press, April 1, 2014

Time and setting: Present Day, San Francisco

Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult

Length:  272 pages

Heat Level: 4 Flames

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

She destroyed me. Can I still love her?

Damian Castillo is the man, the legend, the heartbreaker—the self-proclaimed man-whore that doesn’t believe in love or commitment. That is until he meets Alexis Blythe—the innocent, strong-willed small town girl who didn’t immediately give into Damian’s charm. With Alexis, Damian sees something more than just hot, no-strings-attached sex, and against his inner resistance, he gives into his feelings for her.

But just when their relationship begins to bloom, something unexpected threatens to break them apart. Will Damian leave Alexis and go back to his playboy ways and break yet another heart? Or will Damian’s love for Alexis be strong enough to convince him to stay and fight for a woman that’s like no other he’s ever met before?

New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.

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Vikki’s Musings

While the story pulled me in, making me unable to stop listening, I did have a few problems. There is a lot of redundancy, even in the dialogue. Some of the plot points do not fit with the first book. Nonetheless, the story is almost addictive.

Normally, I would not like Damian's character, but even though his character is disjointed I did. Now, he is full of angst much of the time, so is Alex. I usually hate stories with a lot of angst, but I must say, it did keep me involved to the point I listened without stopping until the end.

I had to look up a few things because I was not sure if they were realistic. Both issues are possible, so I learned something new. I like it when a book has me so involved, I just have to find out! I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to include any spoilers.

After the cliff-hanger in the first story, I was not happy because I had to immediately buy Taming Damian! You will want to have this second book ready to read/listen to once you finish the first book. This one is definitely not a stand-alone, you will be totally lost if you have not read the first book.

I enjoyed the narrative by Lynn Barrington. She reads with a good deal of emotion, and truly brings the characters to life. She handls the male voice extremely well. I will definitely be looking for other books performed by Ms. Barrington.

Overall, I found the story riveting, even though it did have a few problems. If you like a book with plenty of angst and drama that will have you chewing on your nails as you wait for the story to unfold, then you will thoroughly enjoy Taming Damian. Happy reading!

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