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The Yellowstone Romance Series By Peggy L. Henderson

The series begins with Yellowstone Heart Song (sold as an individual title), and continues with the following:

Yellowstone Redemption
Yellowstone Awakening
Yellowstone Dawn
Yellowstone Deception

For Aimee Donovan, it started out as an unbelievable journey into the past. Little did she know that her time travel would shape the destiny of the place we know today as Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Romance Series is an enticing mixture of adventure, love, and danger through the generations as we meet the Osborne and Russell families.

From the dawn of the rugged and untamed wilderness of Yellowstone to the majestic national park we know today, we feel the passion, heartache, and excitement on every page.

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Publishing date: January 2, 2012 & December 19, 2013

Time and setting: The Present and 19th century Yellowstone

Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Level: 1

Reviewer rating: 5 Gold Crowns

Reviewed by Vikki

Book 1

Yellowstone Heart Song

When Aimee Donovan is given the opportunity to travel back through time to 1810 and see the splendor of Yellowstone National Park before it changed into what it is today, she immediately takes up Zach Osborne’s offer. Even though skeptical that time travel exists, she takes a chance. Zach only asks one thing of her—she can’t tell anyone she is from the future, not even Zach’s son, Daniel.

Trapper Daniel Osborne finds Aimee clinging to life on a ledge in the canyon. After he rescues her from the cliff, he nurses her back to health, but he questions how a white woman suddenly appears out of nowhere. Her odd apparel and unconventional manner only leave him with more questions than answers.

Their growing attraction startles him, since he’s sworn off all women. Aimee is torn as well. As her three months draw near, she needs to decide: Will she stay with the man she loves, or return to her own time?

I became totally engrossed in this amazing tale from the first page. While this is a time travel romance, the most important thing about this novel is the growing romance between this incredible couple. This book is extremely well-written and kept me on the edge of my seat. The character development is astonishing. Before I had finished the book, I downloaded the rest of the series, available in a bundle.

Book 2

Yellowstone Redemption

This is another wonderful book. I was drawn into the story from the beginning to the end. Chase Russell, a confused young man from 2035, is headed down the wrong path when he’s flung back in time to 1835. He meets young Sarah and she changes his life, giving new meaning to what is important to him, but he questions his ability to adapt to the harsh conditions of this different time. Can he learn how to be the man Sarah needs, or would he be better off going back to the modern world?

I found this story compelling, an incredibly moving book, filled with deep emotion. At times I had tears cascading down my face. This author brings to life what Yellowstone must have been like in this time period.

Book 3

Yellowstone Awakening

This story doesn’t involve time travel. It’s set in 1871 Montana Territory and has Chase and Sarah’s son, Kyle, involved with getting Yellowstone turned into a national park.

When Kyle is captured by the Crow Indians, along with a young woman who lands at his feet, he’s told he’ll have one chance in the morning to fight to save her from slavery. Fortunately, Laughing Badger thinks so little of his captive that he doesn’t even tie her up. The young woman gets him loose, and they flee. Kyle takes Kate to his home, but she refuses to tell him the truth of how she ended up in Indian Territory alone.

Their feelings for one another grow, but Kate hides her secrets from Kyle. Will he be able to gain her trust, or will he end up losing the only woman for him? 
This incredible tale touched my heart as this couple deals with issues of abuse, betrayal and separation. At one point I thought all was lost. Kate’s amazing strength of character had me routing for her from the first page to the last, and Kyle’s integrity and bravery moved me deeply.

Book 4

Yellowstone Dawn

This is Josh Osborne and Danica Jenson’s story and another wonderful addition to The Yellowstone Romance series. The story takes place in 1877, when Josh finds Danica alone in the national park. He has two bullet wounds and she is close to delivering her child.

After Danica removes the bullet, they head to Virginia City. By the time they arrive at her home, Josh has a high fever. When Danica’s father sees his daughter’s condition, and that she’s in the company of a half-breed, he forces them to marry, then demands they leave his house immediately. Can Josh and Danica learn to love each other, or will their differences pull them apart?

This is another wonderful story of overcoming hardship with astonishing bravery on both Josh and Danica’s part. It’s fast-paced with lots of action and danger from start to finish.

Book 5

Yellowstone Deception

What a great way to end this amazing series. We met Jana Evans in the first book as Aimee’s best friend in the 21st century. That book ends when she meets Dan Osborne, a park ranger at Yellowstone, and direct descendant of the 19th century Daniel from Book 1. This book picks up where that book ends.

In a rush against time, Jana and Dan locate the time travel device and go back to 1811 to save Aimee and Daniel’s newborn son. As they travel through the majestic mountains and valleys of Yellowstone, a love grows as strong as the forest that surrounds them. Will they be able to defeat Dan’s boss, or will Hastings change the history of Yellowstone National Park forever?

I thoroughly enjoyed each book in this fabulous series. Ms. Henderson has written a series that will remain in my mind for a long time, and one that I will want to read again. I love this author’s masterful blending of backstory in a way that flows seamlessly throughout the series. I look forward to reading more books by this talented author. Happy reading!

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