Monday, July 5, 2021

Book Review: Red Rose White Rose by Virginie Marconato

Red Rose White Rose 

by Virginie Marconato


Publisher & Release: Independently published, February 5, 2021

Setting:  Medieval England

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 366 Pages

Heat Level: 1 Flame

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

When she wakes up a captive in Lord Blackhorne’s house Lady Isabella Kent quickly realises that she has been brought there by mistake. The arrogant stranger who organised her abduction meant to kidnap her cousin Philippa. However, as this unforeseen event provides her with the opportunity for escape she desperately needed, she decides to go along with the pretence. 

Anthony has no idea that the woman in his possession is not the one he means to marry. To his surprise, he finds himself drawn to this spirited young lady. Far from being the meek damsel he imagined her to be, she sets his senses on fire. Maybe this alliance, initially intended as a revenge on his old enemy will prove to be a lot more rewarding than he had counted on… 
All he needs now is to convince his reluctant bride-to-be that this marriage can offer her some satisfaction. 

In bed. 

As the attraction for the man who should be her enemy grows stronger, Isabella realises only one thing will stop her from falling into his arms. Revealing her true identity. 


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Thanks goes to the author for bringing Red Rose White Rose to my attention. I borrowed it through Kindle Unlimited, and it’s been a while since I’ve read a novel set in medieval England. Now I recall why I used to devour them!


Red Rose White Rose is a well written book with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. The pacing pulled me in from the first page and kept me enmeshed until the end. Ms. Marconato descriptive writing that gave this an authentic feel of this period of history is done with a masterful touch. I could see the garb the hero and heroine wears and the castle the hero owns.


Lady Isabella Kent is an enchanting heroine with the gentile qualities that are needed for this period of history, yet she has a great deal of spunk and is no weak-willed lady. Although she finds herself in what could be a perilous situation, she doesn’t show fear!


Anthony, Lord Blackhorne, is the hero, and he is bent on vengeance at the start of this tale. He arranged for the capture of Lady Philippa, but instead he unknowingly captures her cousin. His desire for his captor comes as a huge surprise because the one time he’d met Philippa, she seemed reserved ready to accept her father’s choice of husband which as not him, but the female in his lair is far from meek. I enjoyed his confusion and surprise. When he discovers who he has captured, his anger is not surprising and justified. His reaction if fitting for a medieval England.


The romance burns hot from their first fiery encounter and roars even stronger as the book progresses. Ms. Marconato creates all the sexual tension that I enjoy in romance novels set in medieval tales. 


If you enjoy medieval romances with characters that will pull you in, and a plot with a unique twist, then you will enjoy Red Rose White Rose as much as I did. I personally would have enjoyed a touch more historical details of the turbulent times in which this novel is set, but alas, I must remember this is a romance and not historical fiction. Happy reading! 



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