Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three Weeks to Wed by Ella Quinn
(The Worthingtons, Book 1)

Publisher & Release: Zebra Shout, March 29, 2016

Time and setting:  1815, England

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Book Length: 416 pages

Heat Level: 2 Flame

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

In the first book of her dazzling new series, bestselling author Ella Quinn introduces the soon-to-be Earl and Countess of Worthington--lovers who have more in common than they yet know. The future promises to be far from boring…

Lady Grace Carpenter is ready to seize the day--or rather, the night--with the most compelling man she's ever known. Marriage would mean losing guardianship of her beloved siblings, and surely no sane gentleman will take on seven children not his own. But if she can have one anonymous tryst with Mattheus, Earl of Worthington, Grace will be content to live out the rest of her life as a spinster. 

Matt had almost given up hope of finding a wife who could engage his mind as well as his body. And now this sensual, intelligent woman is offering herself to him. What could be more perfect? Except that after one wanton night, the mysterious Grace refuses to have anything to do with him. Amid the distractions of the Season he must convince her, one delicious encounter at a time, that no obstacle--or family--is too much for a man who's discovered his heart's desire…

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Vikki’s Musings

I’m so glad I decided to take a chance on Ms. Quinn’s The Worthington’s Series. I thoroughly enjoyed Three Weeks to Wed. The romance pulled me into the story from the first page to the last.

Lady Grace Carpenter has guardianship of her seven siblings, the eldest, getting ready for her come-out. She has sworn off marriage, believing no man would be willing to take on so many children. When a chance meeting with the Earl of Worthington gives her an opportunity to have one night of passion with the man who stirs as no other ever has, she must take it.

Mattheus is enchanted by Lady Grace and immediately wants her as his own. The only problem: she leaves his bed before he finds out who she is. He’s determined to discover her identity. He soon learns who she is and that she has seven children in her care. Since he has four sisters in his as well, that would be eleven children if he can convince her to wed him.

Can these lovers move beyond such an unsurmountable obstacle and gain the desires of their hearts? While Matt is willing, can he convince Grace he is up to the challenge?

 Three Weeks to Wed is a delightful tale of love at first sight. The romance between Matt and Grace is enchanting, one that gives great escape from the everyday realities of life, and isn’t that what this genre is supposed to do? What I liked most about this book, is that while circumstances make it difficult for them to see how they can be together, their feelings are never in question. Thus, there is very little angst in their romance. That’s a winner for me!

Grace’s character is a true nurturer, willing to make great sacrifice for the ones she loves. Her internal struggle is whether she can trust Matt to follow through with the rigors of raising eleven children between them and have their love last. This is a very real concern, and I could feel her anguish in making her decision, but ultimately, her heart cannot be denied.

Matt’s a true hero I can love. He’s an honorable man who loves fiercely, whether it’s his sisters or his lady. His tenacity to find a way to make it work, amazed and thrilled me. He loves Grace the way every woman wants to be loved.

I listened to the audio version by Cat Gould. She gives an amazing performance, giving each character a distinctive voice, and that is no mean feat with all those siblings and relatives. She has a bit of a stiff, upper-crust tone, which gives this Regency tale the right touch.

If you love a great Regency romance with endearing characters from the hero and heroine to the youngest sister, Lady Mary, then you will love Three Weeks to Wed as much as I did. I can’t wait to read the other books in this fantastic series. Happy reading!

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