Friday, April 28, 2017

Book Review: The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

Publisher & Release: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, May 2, 2017

Time and setting:  1811, England

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Book Length: 349 pages

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Rating: 3.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

All were shocked at the announcement of the “cursed” Lady Claire Cavensham to Lord Alexander Hallworth, the Marquess of Pembrooke, especially since she is already engaged to another unfortunate Lord. Perhaps she will make it to the altar this time with one of these fine gentlemen! —Midnight Cryer
No one is left breathless at the imperious pronouncement of her engagement to Lord Pembrooke more than Claire. She hardly knows the dangerously outrageous man! But after three engagements gone awry and a fourth going up in glorious flames, she isn’t in a position to refuse...
Alexander requires the hand of his enemy’s fiancée in marriage in order to complete his plans for revenge. It’s his good fortune that the “cursed” woman is desperate. However, what begins as a sham turns into something scandalously deeper...
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Vikki’s Musings

From what I understand, this is the debut novel for Ms. MacGregor. The cover caught my eye when I received an invitation from the publisher to read and review The Bad Luck Bride, so I decided to give it a read. At one point, this would have been a three Gold Crown review, but the ending pulled it up to 3.5. I always round up on Amazon and Goodreads the majority of the time, as long as the tale is a strong 3.5. That’s why I ended up rating this four stars on those sites.

It took quite some time to get into this book. I’m not fond of revenge, and this story starts out with the hero determined to avenge his sister’s death. She left a note implementing one of his friends, and he will destroy the man at any cost. That cost is Lady Claire’s reputation.

When Alex realizes what he has done, he proposes marriage, and since Claire has no choice, she accepts under duress. She is under the misconception that Alex has come to her aid because he’s an honorable gentleman. What she doesn’t know: he’s the one who placed the bet that convinced her to accept his suit.

This is the part that did not sit well with me, and although, Ms. MacGregor does redeem his character by the end of the book, it did not completely take the bad taste from my mouth, so I never truly warmed up to Alex’s character. I also didn't feel much chemistry between them until close to the end of the book.

Overall, this is an okay novel. If you like a romance with twists and turns and a good deal of angst, then you may find The Bad Luck Bride to your liking. At this point, I’m reserving judgment on whether I will read the next book by this author. Happy reading!

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