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Thank you for stopping by today. As many of you know, I recently released Lady Overton's Perilous Journey, book 1 in my Honorable Rogue series. I plan to release Miss Kathleen's Scandalous Baron, book 2 in the series, in January 2016. Between revisions and working on feedback from my wonderful beta readers, I haven't had the opportunity to do much reading, so today I am including an excerpt from my upcoming release. Happy reading!

Miss Kathleen and her Scandalous Baron


When Kathleen's dance with Mr. Mandrake came up, she accepted his hand and he led her to the floor. They took their places, waiting for the music to begin. As the violinists drew their bows across the strings and the dancing began, they stepped toward each other and the man stamped on her foot. Pain radiated across her toes.
“Sorry,” he told her. “I apologize, didn’t mean to do that. I hope you can forgive me.”
Gritting her teeth, she replied, “Certainly. I’m sure it was an accident.”
Mr. Mandrake clasped her hand in his sweaty palm as they moved down the center of the line of dancers. “Are you enjoying yourself?”
“I am. It’s so nice of the duke and duchess to sponsor me.”
They moved apart at the end of the line, giving Kathleen a chance to recover from her smashed toes. When it was their turn to again promenade, Mr. Mandrake squeezed her hand tighter than before. “I want to introduce you to my parents before we go into supper. Now that I’m courting you, I want you to meet them.”
The last thing she wanted was to be courted by Mr. Mandrake. She was desperate to have a few moments alone. When the music ended, he started toward a middle-aged couple standing across the dance floor. Kathleen needed to get away before he could introduce her.
Pretending to trip, she said, “Oh dear, I caught my hem. I’m sorry, but I need to go to my room so my maid can repair it.”
Before Mr. Mandrake could speak, she hurried away toward the entry hall and left the ballroom. But instead of going upstairs, she went to the library. Slipping inside the door of the darkened room, she relaxed her tense shoulders and sighed. At last, she was free of that man.  
After Kathleen took a few steps forward, a pair of strong arms pulled her back against a rock hard, very male body. Her breath caught, as a male voice whispered in a rough voice, “Ah, my sweet. I thought you had changed your mind.”
The man turned her around and before she had a chance to protest, he swooped in and devoured her lips. A jolt of lightning shot through her and she gasped, allowing his tongue to slip into the dark cavern of her mouth. At first, she was too appalled to stop him, but as she became lost in his devastating kiss, a sensual storm of emotions swept through her, sensations she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams.
His soft, yet firm lips ravished hers as his hand moved up to cup the orb of her breast. Shocked, the rapid beat of her heart sent her pulse racing. He nibbled his way across her jaw to her neck and licked a spot just below her earlobe, sending tingles through her and had her senses reeling. “Ah, so sweet,” he murmured. She remained in a trance as he nibbled his way from her neck to her shoulder until a cool breeze touched her back.
Good lord. He'd unbuttoned her gown. She finally let it sink in that she was allowing a complete stranger to kiss and touch her in ways most scandalous, ways she should never permit. All she had ever experienced before was one brief kiss from William, on the night her brother gave his approval for their betrothal.
She loved William, and yet, she was letting this man take liberties. Appalled, she began to pull away, but before she extricated herself, the library door opened and a footman entered carrying a candelabrum, which illuminated the room. Standing behind the footman was the Duchess of Brentwood and several other ladies and gentlemen of the ton.
Gasping, Kathleen looked up into the startling blue eyes belonging to none other than…Baron Billingsley. 

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