Friday, October 9, 2015

The Tycoon’s Vacation by Melody Anne
(Baby for the Billionaire, Book 2)

Publisher & Release Date: Eternal Dreams, September 1, 2011 

Time and setting: Present Day, Seattle, WA

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 223 pages

Heat Level: 1 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 3.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

This is the second book in the ‘Baby for the Billionaire’ series. Drew Titan decides it's time to take a vacation at one of his exotic resorts, and ends up literally running into Trinity Mathews while he's surfing. They end up having a steamy romance over the week long vacation, until she finds out he's the resort’s owner, and lied to her. 

Trinity has sworn off all business men, since she couldn’t seem to find one who knew how to remain faithful to her, which is what landed her at the resort in the first place. She goes back home to discover that her first impulsive thing she has done in her life has left her pregnant and alone, that is until Drew finds her and won't go away until she agrees to marry him. 

Come enjoy the adventures Drew and Trinity take together in this fun filled story that has love, passion, fighting, and making up. Drew’s cousins Derek and Ryan add humor and even more love to the adventure, and will leave you wanting a hunk of your own.

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Vikki’s Musings

After reading The Tycoon’s Revenge, I couldn’t wait to read The Tycoon’s Vacation. I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and Drew’s character had been introduced in that one and I liked him a great deal.  After reading this book, I noticed something. The Tycoon’s Revenge has been re-edited and re-released in 2013, while this one hasn’t been given that same attention. That may be why I didn’t enjoy The Tycoon’s Vacation as much as I had anticipated.

After finding her boyfriend with his secretary in bed together, Trinity Mathews decided she needs to get away, take a vacation and soak up some rays, so she heads to an island paradise. It’s time for her to let down her hair and have some fun for a change.

Drew Titan owns a string of exotic resorts, but rarely takes any time off to enjoy them. Deciding he needs a vacation and change of pace, he arrives at one of his island resorts and tells his staff that unless the place is on fire pretend he’s just another guest.

When Drew accidentally collides with Trinity and injuries her, he is immediately drawn to her. Why not have a fling? It’s what they both want. Little do they know their fling will change their lives forever.

I did like The Tycoon’s Vacation. The story starts out well and drew me in right away. The pacing is good, and I did not feel that any parts of the story dragged. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn more of Jasmine and Derek’s lives. There are many great scenes in this book they’re just a tad underdeveloped. I also found the story believable, and I really liked that Trinity and Drew had time to develop feelings for each other since the story spans the length of Trinity’s pregnancy and beyond.

While this story has a lot of potential, the story is underdeveloped and the characters lacked depth. Even though I don’t care for books with an information overload of backstory, this book needed more. I never was given any information about Trinity’s background, other than she moved around a lot, and had a few bad relationships. This kept me from truly bonding with her character.  Her internal conflict was superficial and left me with quite a few questions concerning her determination to never have a relationship with the hero. Drew Titan’s character had some of the same issues as well.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy books on the light-hearted side and like a fast-paced tale of love, then you will enjoy The Tycoon’s Vacation. The next book in the Baby for the Billionaire series is Ryan’s story. I have already downloaded it and look forward to finding out more about his character. Happy reading! 

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