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The Party Gift by Helena Kamerra

Do you love romance stories? "The Party Gift" will pull you in and warm your heart.
The first of a series, this novel is a prelude to the second book, "The Wedding Gift," .

It seems that Jasper Warren has lost everything. His father died when he was just a teenager and his pregnant wife was killed while he attended veterinary school. Driven by bitterness and a promise to never remarry, he becomes the biggest party animal at the university. That is until one big get together knocks the wind out of him.

Time has passed while Carrie Brunson raises her illegitimate eighteen-month-old daughter alone. Her daughter's chronic illness has cost her yet another job in a veterinary clinic and her bills are mounting up. Her job search transforms into her biggest blessing when Godly people take the two of them into their home.
Tempers flare when Dr. Jasper Warren finds out that the man he now considers his father has taken in an unknown curvy blonde along with her fatherless daughter. Overprotective of those he cares about, he vows to make her life miserable until a near tragedy forces him to become emotionally involved. Their strained relationship soon leads them to a mind blowing discovery.

The second book, "The Wedding Gift" will continue the story.

Publisher and Release Date: Self-Published, September 14, 2013

Time & Setting: Present day, Alabama

Genre: Contemporary/Chick Lit/ Romantic Elements

Heat Level: sweet

Rating: 3.5 Gold Crowns

Vikki’s Musings

I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. It was free and the cover is great and the book description intriguing. The prologue pulled me in right away and so did the first part of the story. The Party Gift is very fast paced and kept the story moving along quickly. The plot is fascinating, but as I continued to read, I grew increasingly annoyed.

Jasper Warren, a veterinarian graduate student is grieving the loss of his pregnant wife and unborn child and letting his anger and torment rule his life. He goes to a frat party, gets drunk and has unprotected sex with a girl he has never met before. He experiences sharp feelings of remorse when he realizes he could have fathered a child from this one night stand. That’s the prologue. It is good to see that he understands there could be consequences from his thoughtless behavior.

Chapter one flash forwards to over two years later. Carrie Brunson is a single mom with an eighteen month old daughter prone to ear infections. She has to miss work for three days at the veterinarian clinic she works at as a vet tech. When she returns to the office, the doctor tells her he has to let her go. She searches for another job on the internet and contacts a veterinarian in Dothan, Alabama who is looking for a licensed tech.

Carrie calls him and tells him her story. Edward Bloomberg tells her he needs to think about hiring her and that he will call her back the next day. When he does, the compassionate vet offers her the job and even arranges for her to live with his friends from church. These folks come and help her move, and she starts work at the clinic on Monday. Great story up to this point, a kind-hearted couple offering her Christian charity, willing to open their home to her and her fatherless daughter, a sweet story, but not very believable.

This is where the story goes a bit south for me. She receives a call from Jasper Warren, who is annoyingly rude. When she hangs up on him, he storms into the vet clinic a short time later acting like a jerk. In fact, he continues to act this way for most of the book. This is not a romantic love story to say the least. It is a story of mistakes that have severe consequences.

That in itself is not a problem, not all books are romances, even though this one does tell the reader it is in the book description. The problem lies in the writing and the way the author writes her dialogue. It is truly awful. She makes all the characters sound as if they are uneducated, which is far from the case. Michael Leycaster is a doctor, the man who opens his home to Carrie. The vet she works for is a doctor, and Jasper Warren is a vet as well. They are educated men. Carrie went to school and became a licensed vet tech, so she is educated too. I feel somewhat affronted that Ms. Kamerra would make these characters sound so uneducated. Just because someone is from the south does not mean they talk like this!

“I told ‘em to go to the ER, but he said he wutton a gonna do it.” This is Michael Leycaster speaking, a doctor. This is just one example of what the dialogue is like. This type of dialogue continues on throughout the book.

Now, you may wonder why I am not giving this book a lower rating. Even with these issues, the story flows along quickly, and it is a very entertaining read. Although Jasper acts the jerk, Ms. Kemerra made me have empathy for his agony. His terrible loss explains why he is such a bitter character, and he does do the right thing at the end of the book for all the right reasons.

I do not normally like books with an abrupt ending, but this one works for the story. I realized up front before I began reading there would be a sequel, which will continue the story and give the reader their happy ending, hopefully. Unfortunately that book has not been written yet. I will look for this sequel because I do want to see how this story ends. The little girl, Chrissy deserves to have a happy life and the potential is there for that to happen. If you decide to give The Party Gift a chance, at least you will now know what to expect. Happy reading!

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