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Book Review: Blue Grass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks

Bluegrass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks

Publisher & Release Date: Laurens Publishing, November 17, 2013

Time and setting: Present Day, NYC & Kentucky

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Length:  291 pages

Heat Level: Red Hot Flames

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

She thought she would be safe far away in Kentucky...

McKenna Mason's perfect life in New York City has just been destroyed. She is now a witness to a horrific crime involving some of America's most influential men. She knows she must excape and can think of only one outsider that might help her—Will Ashton. The flame of their brief teen romance never completely died out, and now it is about to explode.

Troubled pasts, a feisty horse that refuses to race without a good luck kiss, and three old ladies hell-bent on playing matchmakers turn this newly rekindled romance into a wild race to the finish. Can Will and McKenna cross the finish line together, and more importantly, alive?

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Vikki’s Musings

While searching for a light read with audio version for $1.99, I found this book. Since it’s in the Kindle Unlimited program, I decided to download the book and the audio. I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted story.

McKenna Mason is a high-powered attorney in NYC. She accidentally finds out what the boy’s night parties are all about and has to run for her life. She goes to Kingston, Kentucky where her young girl crush lives, hoping he’ll put a good word in with the district attorney.

When Will is Kenna again, he is immediately attracted to her. He’d never gotten her in all the years since they shared their first kiss, literally. Even though he has gone through a nasty divorce, he knows Kenna is nothing like Tiffany, so he sets out to woo her.

Can Will when her heart, while keeping her safe from his demented ex-wife, or will he lose her to the men who have come after her?

Although there are numerous hilarious scenes in this tale, involving Kenna in the courtroom, it also has quite a bit of suspense.  The opening scene definitely sets up this story very well and pulled me in right away.

I fell in love with Kenna’s character. She is saucy, smart and fearless. She will not let anything get her down. Her love of shoes cracked me up. In fact, I belly laughed on more than one occasion at her antics. Although Kenna is gutsy, she is still a girly-girl. I’m sure she probably made mud pies with the boys in her party dresses!

Will Ashton is a fantastic hero. He is honorable, loyal and very protective of his loved ones. I loved how gently he treated Kenna. He shows great compassion for his employees and animals. He is a perfect match for Kenna. He got a raw deal with his first wife, Tiffany and it’s a wonder he isn’t totally gun shy.

Ms. Brooks writes an engaging story with plenty of action and many laugh-out moments. The pacing is fast and for a light-hearted tale, there is a great deal of emotion. Now, while there is plenty of sexual tension, there is minimal sexual content.  If you like a lot of spice in your romance, this might not be the book for you. Personally, I didn’t even notice the lack of explicit sexual scenes because the story is so strong it isn’t needed.

Not only did I love the Hero and heroine, I also fell in love with the secondary characters as well. Loved the sister at the Blossom Café! I enjoyed Mo’s character and hope he gets his own HEA. I also liked the FBI agent too, just a lot of wonderful characters in this delightful story.

If you are looking for a book that will entertain you and keep you laughing, then you will enjoy Bluegrass State of Mind as mush as I did. I have already downloaded the next two books in the series with the audio version as well. I can’t wait to read them. Happy reading!  

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