Saturday, June 27, 2015

Welcome to our SCP Summer Release Party! We're 

going to have a blast today. Keep checking back each 

hours for the chance to win great prizes. Help pass the 

word to all your friends, so they can join in on all the 

fun! Let's give a big thanks to Secret Cravings 

Publishing for setting this up!

Session 1

8 am: M. S. Spencer

9 am: Vikki Vaught

10 am: Jean Joachim

11 am: Kathleen Ball

12 pm: Tamara Monteau

1 pm: LL Brooks

Session 2

6 pm: Sandy Sullivan

7 pm:Jamie Salisbury

8 pm: Mageela Troche 

9 pm: Nikki Belaire

10 pm: Beverly Ovalle

11 pm: Shannnon O'Connor

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