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SEAL my Destiny by Sharon Hamilton
(SEAL Brotherhood Series Book 6)

Publisher & Release Date: A L Publishing, March 1, 2014

Time and setting: Present day, Mediterranean Sea  

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ SEAL Romance

Length: 212 pages

Heat Level: 4 Scorching Hot Flames

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

This book can be read as a standalone or out of sequence. Portions of this book appeared in an anthology. This is the expanded and enhanced full length version. 

Navy SEAL Luke Paulsen, on the verge of PTSD stemming from the death of his fiancĂ©e and a brutal tour overseas, knows he is damaged goods and unsuitable for relationships. While paying respects to a fallen comrade, he is unprepared for the chemical attraction he feels for the carefree dark-haired beauty playing in the surf one evening. 

Julie Christensen befriends the troubled SEAL, motivated by her yearning to soothe the young man’s troubled soul. Fueled by intense mutual desire, they succumb to one night of mind-numbing passion. Afterwards, he is unable to shed the memory of his lost love and disappears. 

When they meet again at a wedding that will forever bring their two families together, their passion and longing for one another forces them to confront their pasts in order to find a future together. 
But soon the trauma of his service separates them. Julie goes back to teaching and Luke deploys for North Africa with SEAL Team 3. Upon his return, he receives a frantic call that Julie's life is in danger. Will he make it in time to save the woman he now knows he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with?

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Vikki’s Musings

I met Sharon Hamilton at A Day with the Authors in Nashville, Tennessee where she was the key-note speaker. I had read the first four books in the SEAL Brotherhood Series and enjoyed them immensely. After talking with Ms. Hamilton, I agreed to review the audio versions of Book 5, Cruisin’ For a SEAL and SEAL my Destiny, for an honest review. I also had the opportunity to meet J.D. Hart, the narrator of these deliciously sexy additions to this awesome series.

Navy SEAL Luke Paulsen suffers from PTSD. Dreams of a woman with red lips plagues his sleep every night. The death of one of the guys in his unit during his last mission has guilt washing through him 24/7. One the beach at sunset, he raises his long-necked IPA as sun begins to sink into the ocean and toasts the guy.

Further down the beach, a dark-haired woman cocks her head at him and sends him a shy smile. Not one to ever pass up an opportunity, he sends her his devil may care smile. He holds out his hand and they run to the parking lot. They come together like two firecrackers at a 4th of July party and spend the night having hot, monkey sex. During breakfast the next morning, Luke draws away from Julie when she asks too many pointed questions and leaves her in front of her apartment, never expecting to see her again.

A month later, Julie Christensen opens up the door of parents home to welcome the sixth groomsman for her brother’s wedding and is shocked to find Luke standing there. It turns out he is the brother of the bride. After a glorious week together, Luke runs the other way again when his PTSD sends him into a tailspin. Julie wonders whether she should fight for him, or except that Luke is too damaged to ever have a lasting relationship and pick up the strands of her life and move on.

While this novel is full of plenty of explicit sexual scenes, SEAL my Destiny offers so much more. It is an emotionally-charged read from the first page to the last. Ms. Hamilton paints a realistic picture of the mood swings a person suffering from PTSD experiences. One moment Luke’s in love with Julie and in the next breath, he is telling himself he is not good enough for her and that she would be better off without him. While I wanted to knock him sideways for the way he kept pulling Julie in and then pushing her ruthlessly away, I felt the confusion and pain his character went through.

I am not sure I would have had the patience that Julie’s character had when dealing with Luke’s mercurial personality, but I am glad she did. I really wanted this complex couple to have their ‘happily ever after’. I loved the ending and was cheering on the sidelines for them to find a way to make their relationship work.

Again, J. D. Hart delivers a moving performance. His ability to give each character their own voice brings warmth and vitality to them. His deep, sexy voice sends shivers down my spine. If you have not listened to him, then I suggest you do, and Ms. Hamilton’s sexier than hell stories are icing on the cake.

If you are looking for a story that takes you on a rollercoaster ride that has you fanning your face at the hot love scenes to wiping the tears from your eyes during the emotional ones, and in the next moment, sending your heart into overdrive, then SEAL my Destiny is the book for you. Happy reading!

Author Bio:

NY Times and four time USA/Today, Top 100 Amazon Bestselling and multiple award-winning Author,
Sharon Hamilton's storytelling satisfies like a thick bar of chocolate. Sharon's romances are scorching hot, filled with suspense, adventure and adrenaline-pumping action.

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Sharon and her husband live in Northern California, in the heart of the Wine Country, where most of her stories take place. When she isn't writing, she can be found getting vera vera dirty in her flower and vegetable gardens.

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