Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Review: Conquered Heart by Kara Griffin

Conquered Heart Legend of the King’s Guard by Kara Griffin

Publisher & Release: Self-published, August 5, 2016

Time and setting:  1306, Scotland

Genre: Historical Romance/Medieval

Length:  305 pages

Heat Level: 1.5 Flames

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

In protecting the King of Scotland, Graeme Cameron will do whatever it takes to ensure Robert the Bruce’s safety. He and his comrades become the victim of circumstance and are now exiled. As they hide, they realize others are worse off than they and hire themselves out as mercenaries.

Kerrigan Campbell is desperate to find her laird and protector’s son. Then she hears of the legendary king’s guard and seeks them out. She runs across their leader in the midst of a battle, but he’s not what she expects. When she and Graeme find an abandoned bairn, he bids her to help him locate its mother and in return he’ll recapture her laird’s son.

Graeme has many a challenge before him – how to keep he and his friends from being executed for doing their duty, aiding the sweet lass in recovering her charge, finding the bairn’s mother, helping their king defeat England’s army, and gaining a pardon for their involvement in the king’s misdoings. There’s one challenge that thwarts him and that’s Kerrigan. She’s conquered his heart and more …

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Vikki’s Musings

First, I want to apologize to Ms. Griffin for taking longer to read Conquered Heart, but my own writing career has kept me extremely busy over the last four months. I thank her for the honor to read her suspenseful Medieval romance. I’m not going to include a short synopsis since the book description gives one quite nicely.

Conquered Heart is a fast-paced, well-written historical romance. Ms. Griffin gave me the opportunity to have a glimpse into the Scottish fight for independence and the life of Robert the Bruce. She definitely did her research.

Kerrigan Campbell is an engaging character, and I became enmeshed in the heroine’s story from her introduction. She is a caring, loving woman with plenty of courage and daring. Her determination to fulfill her late laird’s dying request–at great cost, I might add–is truly remarkable and that alone made her a worthy heroine.

Graeme Cameron’s character is my kind of hero. He is, of course, a brave, fierce warrior. That is what I expect from a Scottish highlander, yet underneath his exterior, he has a kind, caring heart. Even though he has had his share of struggles, he is still willing to open his heart to Kerrigan. I loved his protectiveness toward her and felt his anguish when he thought he had lost her.

If you enjoy Medieval romances set in the highlands of Scotland with brave, loyal heroes and heroines, then you will enjoy Conquered Heart as much as I did. This is the first book in the series, and I look forward to reading Liam’s story in Unbreakable Heart. Happy reading!

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