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Book & Audio Review: All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan

All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan

Publisher & Release: Self-published, January 2014

Time and setting: WWII, Germany

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romantic Elements

Length: 340 pages

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Rating: 3 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

 All My Love,Detrick is the story of a forbidden love that thrusts two families, one German,one Jewish, into a spider web of danger during the terrifying years of the Third Reich.
Detrick was born with every quality that would ensure his destiny as a leader of Adolph Hitler's coveted Aryan race. But on his 7th birthday, an unexpected event changed the course of his destiny forever. As the Nazis rose to power, Detrick was swept into a world filled with secrets, enemies, betrayals, and alliances. But even in the midst of darkness, Detrick would find a single flicker of light. He would discover the greatest gift of all, the gift of everlasting love.

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Vikki’s Musings

I received a request from the author to read this book, but because of my commitments, I did not accept an ARC. Instead, I discovered it was on a free promotion with the audio version for $1.99, so I downloaded it, not sure when I would be able to read and review. I always enjoy novels set during WWII, and this one sounded excellent, which is why I decided to read it.
All My Love, Detrick is a riveting story, and I am glad I read it. I found the historical aspect of this book fascinating and enjoyed it tremendously. While Hitler was the spawn of a demented mind, he was a compelling and complex individual. If he could have only used his charisma for good instead of evil, he could have changed the world in a good way. Unfortunately, he used it to commit atrocities that will be remembered forever.

My problems with this book are with the craft of writing. The chapters are really short, sometimes only a paragraph or two. There were at least two sub-plots that could have been developed into their own stories and would have made great books. Dorothy's and Karl's storylines come to mind. While I did enjoy the history in this book, at times it read a bit clinical and didn’t not flow with the storyline very well, making it feel disjointed.

I listened to the audio version by Kevin S. Martin. Unfortunately, his voice sounded flat and came across as more of a documentary than a novel. He did a fair job with the multitude of characters but just didn’t read with much emotion. I will not be listening to his narration again.

I do wish this book had ended differently. The characters are fictional and could have gotten a happy ending. That did not happen. Of course, I usually read romance, not tragedies, so that is just my opinion. I did realize this is historical fiction and not romance. If you find this period of history intriguing and can overlook some of the technical issues, then I do recommend this book. Happy reading!

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