Friday, January 8, 2016

His Gift by Aubrey Dark

Publisher & Release Date: Self-published, June 29, 2015

Time and setting: Present Day, NYC

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic/BDSM

Length:  286 pages

Heat Level: 3 Flames

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

It wasn’t supposed to be me.

I was just delivering a cake for a friend - I sure as hell wasn’t a birthday gift to a billionaire. But now that I was here, I didn’t dare leave.

Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t let me.

Lacey Miller is two days away from being kicked out of her apartment when her best friend offers her a job for some quick cash. Easy as cake, right? Wrong.

Billionaire playboy Jake Carville has been looking for years for the perfect submissive. On his birthday, he's looking forward to a special gift: a girl who can satisfy his every dark craving.

But when Lacey walks through the wrong door and into Jake’s arms, she’s everything he’d hoped for... and nothing he ever expected.

How can he lose himself, heart and soul, to a girl he was never supposed to meet?

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Vikki’s Musings

I found this book through the Kindle Unlimited program and borrowed it. I also downloaded the audio version for $1.99. I have not read a book by Aubrey Dark before, but the book description sounded great, and I love to find new authors, so I took a chance. I thorough enjoyed His Gift and plan to read the next book in this series.

When Lacey Miller agrees to deliver a birthday cake for her BFF, the last thing she expects is to be mistaken for Jake Carville’s gift. On her way to the what she believes is the kitchen, she stumbles upon a fantastic art galley with painting by one of her favorite artists.

Not used to high heels, Lacey trips and the $2000 birthday cake ends up on the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Can a case of mistaken identity lead to a forever kind of love?

His Gift is very fast paced. The story line is compelling and the BDSM elements are extremely well-written. In fact, the entire book is well-written. It is written in the 1st person POV of Lacey, the heroine. While I am normally not a huge fan of 1st person, Ms. Dark is able to engage me, even though I didn’t get the hero’s point of view.

Lacey is a spunky kid heroine. She is street smart, feisty, determined, and yet na├»ve at the same time. Jake doesn’t know what hit him when he accidentally thinks she is his birthday gift. Surprisingly, Lacey turns out to be the perfect submissive for him.

Jake Carville is a tortured soul, my favorite kind of hero. Again, even though, I do not have a chance to read/hear his introspection, Ms. Dark clearly shows his pain and anguish over the tragic loss of his family.

Personally, I can’t begin to understand why a person would enjoy pain and find it a turn on, but I am fascinated by BDSM elements, as long as they don’t go too far. There were a few scenes that did make me twitch, but again, still riveting.

I listened to the audio version performed by Stephanie Rose, and I really enjoyed her narrative. She reads with a wealth of emotion and did a fantastic job with Jake’s voice, which is rare with many female narrators. I will definitely look for other books narrated by Ms. Rose.

If you find romances with BDSM elements as intriguing as I do, then you will love His Gift. This book also has a great romance. I can’t wait to read the next installment in this fabulous series. Unlike many contemporary series, that are continuing, this book does have a happy for now ending, which I loved. Happy reading!

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