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Fool for Love by Marie Force
(McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 2)

Publisher & Release Date: HTJB, INC, May 26, 2011

Time and setting: Present Day, Rhode Island

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 257 pages

Heat Level: 1 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

The McCarthys of Gansett Island: Book 2 

Joe Cantrell, owner of the Gansett Island Ferry Company, has been in love with Janey McCarthy for as long as he can remember. At the same time, Janey has been dating or engaged to doctor-in-training David Lawrence. When things go horribly wrong between David and Janey, she calls her “fifth brother” Joe, one of the few people in her close circle who lives on the mainland. Janey decides a few days with Joe is just what she needs before she goes home to the island to face her parents and family with the news of her broken engagement. It was bad enough for Joe loving Janey from afar, but having her in his house is pure torture. Will he take advantage of this opportunity to show her what they could have together? And what will Joe’s best friend and Janey’s protective older brother Mac have to say about it? 

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Vikki’s Musings

Fool for Love is the second book in the MaCarthys of Gansett Island series and what a delightful series it is. Until Maid for Love, I had not read any books by Marie Force, but now after reading/listening to two, I’m sold. Light contemporary romance is not my first choice of read, but I loved Fool for Love.

Joe Cantrell has been in love with Janey McCarthy since high school, but since Janey has been with David Lawrence for thirteen years, he knows he doesn’t have a chance. Then he receives a call from a crying Janey asking him to help her.

Janey McCarthy is looking forward to her wedding. On their anniversary of thirteen years, she decides to surprise her fiancée. Unfortunately, David is unaware that Janey comes in and sees him in throes of passion with another woman. He’s so involved in fact, he never even realizes Janey is there.

When Joe takes Janey’s desperate call, he makes a mad dash to help her. Could this be the chance he thought would never come?

While this is a light-hearted story, it has many emotionally-charged scenes between the hero and heroine. I loved the developing romance, and it happens remarkably fast, considering Janey has just broken up with her long-time fiancée. However, it is believable. Ms. Force clearly shows that Janey was not truly in love with David and the relationship had gone on long past the time it should have. I had no problem with the speed in which Janey falls in love with Joe.

I fell in love with Janey’s character from the first book in the series, so I was already predisposed to like her. I could feel her pain over her fiancée’ s betrayal, but it was very clear it was more from the loss of her idealistic dreams than the loss of true love. I loved her awe over the passion she feels with Joe, passion that was sadly lacking with David. She behaved like a child let lose in a candy store, and she couldn’t get enough! Having been in a similar situation many years ago, I totally identified with her reaction.

Joe Cantrell is also a great character. He is fierce in his determination to take this opportunity to win Janey’s heart, and he leaves no stone unearthed in his pursuit. It’s so refreshing to read a romance where the hero is the one completely in love and has to convince the heroine that what is budding between is real and lasting.

If you enjoy a sweet love story with plenty of passion and a few laughs along the way, then you will love Fool for Love. It’s a breath of fresh air. Happy reading!  

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