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Virtue and Valor by Collette Cameron

Publisher & Release Date: Soul Mate Publishing, June 24, 2015  

Time and setting: 1818, Scotland

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 226 pages

Heat Level: 1 Scorching Hot Flame

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

Bartholomew Yancy never expected to inherit an English earldom and had no intention of marrying. Now, the Earl of Ramsbury and last in his line, he's obligated to resign his position as England's War Secretary, find a wife, and produce an heir. Only one woman holds the least appeal: Isobel Ferguson, an exquisite Scotswoman. Brought to Scotland to mediate between feuding clans, he doggedly woos her.

Disillusioned with men pursuing her for her attractiveness, rather than her unusual intellect, Isobel has all but abandoned any hope of finding a husband in the Highlands. Not only does she believe Yancy no different than her other suitors, he's a notorious rake. She's been told he's practically betrothed. Therefore, his interest in her cannot possibly be honorable, and so she shuns his attentions.

When Isobel is mistakenly abducted by a band of rogue Scots, Yancy risks his life to rescues her. To salvage her compromised reputation, her brother and father insist she marry him. Yancy readily agrees, but Isobel--knowing full well she's fated for spinsterhood by refusing his offer--won't be coerced into marriage.

Can love unite a reluctant earl and a disenchanted beauty? 

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Vikki’s Musings

This is the first book by Collette Cameron I have read, and it will not be the last. I enjoyed her witty dialogue and the intrigue in Virtue and Valor. This is an excellent example of a Scottish regency historical with a good feel of the time period.

Bartholomew Yancy, Earl of Ramsbury is in need of a wife, and he wants Isobel Ferguson, the sister to Viscount Sethwick, Laird of Craiglocky Keep, a man he has called friend since their school days. When the opportunity arises for him to travel to Craiglocky in service of the Prince Regent, he immediately accepts. However, his pursuit will not be easy. The lass has given him a cold shoulder since the previous Christmas.

Isobel Ferguson has been in love with Yancy since a young girl of nine, but she learned at her sister’s Christmastide ball that he has an agreement to wed his ward, a young woman he knows in an intimate way. When Yancy arrives at her brother’s keep, she must control her emotions. He must never know how she feels. Her pride will not allow it.

When Isobel is kidnapped, Yancy races after her, determined to save her. Once he rescues her, her reputation is in tatters, so he asks her to marry him. After all, he planned to wed her anyway. Even though her family urges her to accept, Isobel turns him down. Will Yancy uncover the reason for her refusal, or will he lose her without ever learning why?

I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Yancy and Isobel. Ms. Cameron has woven a charming story with plenty of sexual tension and intrigue. This is an action-packed tale that kept me flipping the pages on my Kindle to see what would happen next.

Now for my reason I did not give Virtue and Valor 5 Gold Crowns. I would have liked a bit more depth in the characters, especially Isobel. At times she is very antagonistic to the point that I wanted to shake some sense into her. While on the other hand, Yancy’s character is terrific, and I fell in love with him from the very beginning. His character is why I enjoyed the story as much as I did.

Nonetheless, this is a great story, and I will want to read other books by Ms. Cameron. If you enjoy an adventurous tale with enough action to make this a fast read, then you will enjoy Virtue and Valor. Happy reading!  

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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