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Inside Heat by Roz Lee

Publisher & Release Date: Self-published, January 23, 2012

Time and setting: Present Day, Dallas, Texas

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic 
Romance/Sports Romance

Length: 236 pages

Heat Level: 3 Scorching Hot Flames

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description:

Jeff "The Terminator" Holder is the closer for the Texas Mustangs' baseball team, and revered throughout the Major League for throwing inside heat. His twin brother, Jason, the Mustang's catcher, leads the League in hits. They share a love of the game, as well as their identical DNA - but that's not all they share.

Pediatric Nurse Megan Long doesn't know baseball, but she does know a sexy guy when she sees one - or two. When she seeks out an autograph for one of her patients, she falls under the spell of two of the sexiest players in baseball. Unable to resist their charms, Megan finds herself in bed with both men, but falling in love with only one.

Locked in an epic battle against the steroid pumping Martin McCree, Jeff's obsession with striking out McCree strains his relationship with his brother, and leads to an injury that threatens his career and dents his ego. Megan does her best to get through to him, but if Jeff can't see past his failings to find the love she's offering, he's going to strike out in the
biggest game of his life.

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Vikki’s Musings

I met Roz Lee at a conference several years ago. Until recently, I had not read any of her books, since I do not normally enjoy sports romances. After talking to her again at Lori Foster’s RAGT15, I decided to give one of her books a read. I chose Free Agent and enjoyed it a great deal, so I bought Inside Heat since it is the first book in the Mustangs Baseball series. I thoroughly enjoy it as well.

Pediatric nurse, Megan Long will go to any lengths for her patient. The boy’s hero is Jeff Holder, the relief pitcher for the Mustangs and known as “The Terminator.” She attends a game to get his autograph for her patient. All does not go as planned because when she reads what he signs on the program would not be something she could give to Christopher, her young friend.

When Jeff Holder meets Megan’s brown-eyed gaze, he is immediately attracted to her, so when he signs her program, he asks her to meet him at a restaurant after the game. He hopes she will take him up on his offer.

When Megan arrives at the restaurant, she is expecting to meet an egotistical, arrogant man, but when she huffily explains why she wanted the autograph, Jeff immediately apologizes. He has her meet him at a sporting goods store down the street and has her pick out whatever she wants for her patient. He goes all out to make sure the little boy gets his autograph in a big way and even comes to the hospital the next day with his twin brother.

When the pair of brothers tell her what they want, Megan hesitates, but what red-blooded woman hasn’t dreamed of being with two hot guys? While sexually drawn to both men, she feels an immediate emotional connection with Jeff. Can the couple overcome the beginnings of their time together and find the love both of them crave, or will Jeff’s pig-headedness drive them apart?   

Ms. Lee’s writing style is edgy with some grit thrown in. Her characters are interesting and the romance is fulfilling. I also found her love scenes extremely hot and very well-written with plenty of emotion along with the hot sex.

Megan Long is a great heroine. I liked her immediately because of her love for the children in her care. While she is not what I call a strong-willed female, she has a certain line she will not cross when it comes to her relationship with Jeff and Jason. While some of her decisions created a great deal of emotional pain for her, she was not deterred when she considered what was best for her. Her relationship is a bit complicated with Jeff and Jason to say the least.

While Jason Holder is part of the love triangle in the story, Jeff Holder is the hero. I had a bit of trouble with his character. At times, I wanted to hit him over the head for his stupidity. His internal battle was wrapped around jealousy that in my mind was unfounded. It was clear from the onset of the story that Megan was in love with him, not his brother.

This is a great read for sports fan because the details regarding the life of a pro ballplayer are excellent. It is obvious Ms. Lee has done her research. If you enjoy a well-written menage a trois relationship with some interesting twists, then you will love Inside Heat. Happy reading! 

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