Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Master Knight Masters of Tabu Book 1 by Gray Dixon

The Masters of Tabu center around the journey of college friends from Dallas, Texas, seeking redemption, healing and love when they least expect it. Hot days and sizzling nights await—Marcus Knight, Mitchell Prince, Jared King, Shane Marshal, Brock Dragon and Jagger Squire with Simon Tempest, a friend of Marcus Knight rounding out the co-owners of Club Tabu, a BDSM private club.

Dallas will never be the same.

Marcus Knight, entrepreneur and CEO of Knight Enterprises, is a Dom with a darker side. After a nasty divorce, he’s sworn off any emotional involvement with any woman. By accident he meets a woman at a party when he travels to New York City for business. She’s too young and inexperienced with his lifestyle. Or so he thinks.

Khari Bradford, small town girl in search of fame and fortune on the Broadway stage. On a chance meeting, she meets an older man who captivates her. Within a short time, she becomes his newest submissive, but wonders how she ended up with him instead of on Broadway.

Will her new aspiration have her lose both dreams, Broadway and her Knight after discovering he has no intentions of staying in New York or with her? Will Marcus return to Dallas and give Khari her dream, but lose the woman who makes his heart sing?

Published & Release Date: Secret Craving Publishing, February 14, 2013

Time and setting: New York City and Dallas   

Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM

Heat Level: 4

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Vikki’s Musings

I won Master Knight in a giveaway during the Secret Cravings 4th Anniversary Blog Hop. The author sent me a copy and I offered to do a review. I have not read many BDSM books, so I am not as familiar with this genre as I am with others. I found Master Knight well-written and edited. The story drew me in from the first page and kept me entertained to the finish.

Khari Bradford is an aspiring dancer and wants chance to show her talents in a Broadway show, but to pay the bills she also works as an agent in a real estate office. At an open house, she meets Marcus Knight and is immediately drawn to him. Khari has always felt unfulfilled with her sexual relationships in the past. When Marcus introduces her to the lifestyle of BDSM, she finds out that this is what she has been missing.

Three months into their Master/Submissive relationship, she overhears Marcus talking to someone on the phone and believes he is going to break things off. When she arrives at work the next day, she is fired for going through some files on Marcus. Fortunately, she finds out that she has been offered a part in a traveling show of the musical, Chicago. She refuses to answer any of Marcus’s texts or calls, even though he sends her numerous ones.

Marcus tries to forget her over the next six months, but he cannot. He sets out to find her. Can Marcus convince Khari that he wants to be her Dom and her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ permanently, or will she allow her insecurities to keep them apart?

This is an intriguing story of an older man and a younger woman trying to establish a Dom/Submissive relationship. The scenes are explicit and what is expected in this genre and very hot to say the least. Although this books borders on erotica, it does have a satisfying romance going on as well.

My one complaint is that the couple are separated for six months and go on with their lives. While the author has both the hero and the heroine having fantasies regarding their time together, this does slow the pacing down a bit, but not enough to make the story drag.
The heroine does come across as very immature at times, but after all, she is only twenty-two, compared to Marcus’s thirty-three years. Her reason for running away from Marcus is somewhat weak. However this tale does have a very satisfying ending.

I enjoyed their romance and the story is accurate in the BDSM components compared to other books I have read in this genre. This is the first book in the Masters of Tabu series, and I look forward to reading the other stories. Happy reading!


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