Monday, February 23, 2015

Hot Buttered Yum by Kim Law

Oh, Santa baby!

Turtle Island’s Yummy Santa contest is underway, and master of ceremonies Roni Templeman is ready to rock around the Christmas tree. After years of hiding the pain of loss behind her carefree lifestyle, she’s shocked to find one broad-shouldered contestant is much more than just a hot body. But is she ready to finally let someone unwrap her guarded heart?

Single dad (and gorgeous nerd) Lucas Alexander would do anything to help the charity that’s done so much to help him—even if that means stripping down and suiting up as a sexy Santa. His battle to keep his daughter healthy has been a long, lonely one, but in Roni he’s met the easy, breezy beach girl that he wants by his side. Now he has twelve days to prove to her that their love is worth the risk, and this Santa is determined to claim his Mrs. Claus.

Published & Release Date: Montlake Publishing, October 8, 2013

Time and setting: Turtle Island, Georgia

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: 2

Rating: 4.5 Gold Crowns

Vikki’s musings

This is the first book by Kim Law that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually listened to the audio book, instead of reading it. I enjoyed the narration a great deal. This is an uncredited recording, but very well done. I could easily distinguish between the different characters. I’m so glad I chose Hot Buttered Yum as the first book to read by Ms. Law. It is a delightful tale.

Roni Templeton is a concert pianist, who has retired from performing after suffering great personal loss three years before. She is very wary of entering into any kind of relationship with a man, but when she meets Lucas Alexander, she decides that a flirtation with benefits may very well be what she needs. After a conversation with this hot guy, she makes up her mind to accept his seductive overtures. There is one problem though. Lucas is one of the contestants in the Turtle Island’s Yummy Santa contest, and she is the master of ceremonies. Her friend Kayla will have her head if she enters into a fling with a contestant, no matter how good looking and hot he is, and in her mind he is smoking hot!

Lucas is a computer programmer by day and a secret cover model on the side. While he has put that part of his life behind him, he enters this contest to raise a sizable donation for the Leukemia Foundation, a charity that has done so much for him during his little daughter’s bout with the disease. 

Thank God his sweet Gracie is now cancer free.  When he meets Roni, he is immediately attracted to her in a BIG WAY. Why not enter into a hot, two week fling with the gorgeous Black-haired beauty?

This begins a madly passionate sexual romp for the pair. Can this hot sexual affair turn into more, or will the secrets of Roni and Lucas’s past collide separating them forever.

For the most part, Hot Buttered Yum is a light-hearted romantic comedy, but under the surface, Roni is hiding a great deal of emotional pain. The last thing she wants is to bare her soul to someone who will only be in her life for two weeks, but as their time together goes by, that is exactly what she wants to do, especially when Lucas asks her to come to Dallas and meet his daughter when the competition is over in a couple of days. Fear paralyzes Roni, but she has fallen in love with Lucas. 

When she shares her past and the guilt she feels for what happened three years ago, Lucas tells her his story, which in some ways is similar to hers and Roni runs, unable to face the possibility of being hurt again.

Ms. Law writes with a great deal of emotion which touched my soul. I felt as if I experienced Roni’s loss as my own. Her writing style allowed me to become totally enmeshed in the characters’ lives and had me rooting for them as a couple. I fell in love with both characters from the first page, especially Lucas. He pursues Roni even though she does not make it easy for him. It is refreshing to read a story with a hero who has not been a player before he meets the girl. Lucas is an endearing character to say the least.

I also liked the secondary characters as well. The little girl, Gracie, is a delight and adds quite a bit to this great book. The young women who are best friends with Roni have known each other since childhood, and Ms. Law has created the desire to read her other book in the series, and I certainly hope she plans to write more books with these charming characters.

I do want to mention that the sexual scenes are extremely hot and added greatly to my reading enjoyment. If you are looking for a light-hearted story filled with a lot of undercurrents, then this is one that you will definitely want to read. Happy reading!

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