Monday, December 12, 2016

Marnie’s Plan by JM Davies

Publisher & Release: Self-published, December 2, 2016

Time and setting:  Present Day, New England

Genre: Women's Fiction/Romnatic Elements

Book Length: 238 pages

Heat Level: 1 Sweetheart

Rating: 4.25 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

Marnie Fairchild is a planner, but when life throws one too many curve balls, the drive to bounce back evaporates. Empty after caring for her beloved Grams, who had Alzheimer’s, and betrayed by her fiancé, Marnie spirals into depression. Enter her warrior friends, led by Hilary, a life coach. Voilà, “Marnie’s Plan” is born. She agrees to all the seven points on the plan, except the last one: to fall in love. Rebuilding her life in Rockport, a quaint town on the North Shore, takes time and money. Needing a job, she responds to an ad for a housekeeper’s position, but fate intervenes, and instead she becomes a live-in nanny for rambunctious three-year-old Emily. Her brusque father, Nathan Hunt, a mystery writer, is desperate for help with his daughter. With one look at Emily, Marnie’s heart melts. Is there a future for Nate and Emily in Marnie’s Plan?

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Vikki’s Musings

I'm not normally into women's fiction, but Marnie's Plan was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It's a story of family, friendship and love. I particularly enjoyed Marnie's relationship with her gramms. Her willingness to sacrifice so much for her was amazing. Ms. Davies gives the reader an incredible picture of what it must be like to care for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease. It is truly heart-breaking and a dreadful end for many individuals.
Marnie’s character is twenty years old at the start of this book and is twenty-three by the end. Her character goes through a lot of ups and downs, and her true indomitable spirit comes through. Her loyalty to her friends touched my heart, and her unconditional love for Emily is lovely.

I liked the romance between Nate and Marnie, and I fell in love with his little girl Emily. I'm not an advocate of love triangles and would have liked to see more development on the love arc for Nate and Marnie. I don't feel the part with Lucas added to the story. Although, he is a likable character. I'd love to see Ms. Davies give him his love story.

This is a highly enjoyable story, and I liked Marnie's friends and look forward to reading their stories. If you're looking for a solid women's fiction that will have you sighing and wiping a few tears away, then you will love this book as much as I did. Happy reading!

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