Friday, August 5, 2016

Reckless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell

Publisher & Release: Sourcebooks Casablanca, August 2, 2016

Time and setting: Present Day, Texas

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Cowboy

Length:  416 Pages

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

Texas Homecoming

Violet Jacobs is fearless. At least, that's what the cowboys she snatches from under the hooves of bucking horses think. Outside the ring, she's got plenty of worries rattling her bones: her young son, her mess of a love life, and lately, her family's struggling rodeo. When she takes business into her own hands and hires on a hotshot bullfighter, she expects to start a ruckus. She never expected Joe Cassidy. Rough and tumble, cocky and charming, Joe's everything a superstar should be-and it doesn't take a genius to figure out he's way out of Violet's league.
Joe came to Texas to escape a life spiraling out of control. He never planned on sticking around, and he certainly never expected to call this dry and dusty backwater home. But Violet is everything he never knew he was missing, and the deeper he's pulled into her beautiful mess of a family, the more he realizes this fierce rodeo girl may be offering him the one thing he never could find on his own.

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Vikki’s Musings

This is the first book I have read by Kerri Lynn Dell. When the publisher sent me an invitation to read Reckless in Texas via Net-Galley in exchange for an honest review, I accepted since I do enjoy hot cowboys!

Violet Jacobs has a lot to keep her busy; raising her endearing little boy, managing her family’s rodeo operations and her odd relationship with the man who fathered her child. When she hires a hot as sin bullfighter, she may have taken on more than she expected.

Joe Cassidy is dissatisfied with his life. He comes to Texas to escape his problems. When he meets Violet, he is immediately drawn to her, but she is not his usual choice for a fling, and she is not the type for a short, yet hot sexual encounter. She has strings running every which way, and Joe does not do relationships.

As the sexual tension builds, should Violet give in and have the fling her friends suggest, or should she turn her back on the only man to really set her fires burning?

This book has a great plot and a yummy hero. I liked Violet’s character, but I did have a bit of trouble identifying with her. She is a hard-talking, feisty woman who had made a place for herself in a man-dominated world. At times, she came across too brash for my tastes, but she did have an underlying vulnerability I could like, and she is a loving mother, so I was able to overlook those aspects of her character.

Joe is a great hero. I liked him from the start. He has a rough situation with his present employer and it creates a great deal of internal conflict for him. He also has an unusual relationship with his mother that explains his avoidance of emotional relationships. I loved how he sets out to woo Violet. He goes about it in a very romantic way, and it melted my heart.

The romance between her Joe took a bit of time to ignite. Once it did, I enjoyed that aspect of the book quite a lot. The sexual tension is excellent, and while there is not a lot of explicit sexual scenes, I did not miss it in the least.

The pacing is steady, and the writing flows well. Ms. Dell’s dialogue zings and makes the book an enjoyable read. The internal conflict for both characters is well thought out.

I thoroughly enjoyed some of the secondary characters, especially Cole. I hope Ms. Dell gives him his own story. I also enjoyed the fun-looking Hank, and Beni, her little boy, stole my heart.

There is no doubt Ms. Dell knows the rodeo life-style and the various roles. I read her bio and it makes perfect sense that she would choose this sub-genre. Her descriptions of the events are vivid and brought the scenes to life for me. I enjoyed the action-packed scenes a great deal.

If you love a good western with hot cowboys and a great romance thrown in, along with interesting characters, then you will enjoy Reckless in Texas as much as I did. I look forward to reading future books in this series. Happy reading!

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