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The Doctor Wears a Stetson by Anne Marie Novark

Publisher & Release: Anne Marie Novark Books, September 23, 2010

Time and setting: Present day, Texas

Genre: Western Contemporary Romance

Length:  258 pages

Heat Level: 2 Flames

Rating: 3.5 Gold Crowns

Book Description: 

Jessie Kincaid was fifteen and innocent when Cameron asked her to the prom. She lost her heart that night, but his plans didn't change. He left their small town to pursue his dreams.

Seventeen years later, a trip home leads Cameron McCade back to Salt Fork, Texas and the newly widowed Jessie Devine. Since his return, the fire between them burns as hot as ever. Can they take up where they left off? Can Jessie risk her heart again?

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Vikki’s Musings

This is the first time I have a book by Anne Marie Novark. I’m not sure how I discovered it, but it was FREE with the audio narration for $1.99. The book description sounded interesting so I thought I would take a chance.

Jessie Kincaid is fifteen and falls in love with Cameron McCade when she goes to his prom as his date. Even though he is drawn to her, he has plans and she would interfere with those, so he kisses her goodbye, then leaves their small town behind.

Seventeen years later, he returns to Salt Fork, Texas for his mother’s 60th birthday party and runs into Jessie again. The spark is still as strong as it was when they were in high school, but he lives in Houston and has just been offered the position as head surgeon at M.D. Anderson.

Dare he engage in a fling with Jessie, knowing nothing can come of it, or can he change the direction of his life for a chance at forever?

The Doctor Wears a Stetson is a fast-paced story with an interesting storyline. I liked Cameron’s character a lot and loved his mom. Ms. Novark writes with a great deal of emotion and tells a great story.

I had a problem with Jessie’s character. She was so wishy-washy and very immature. Her thought processes regarding her late husband were irrational in my estimate, and I wanted to slap her silly numerous times. I really wanted to like her character because she had a rough life between losing her parents, then her late husband, giving up on her dreams of being a journalist and had to take over her father’s business. She deserved to find happiness, but I just could not warm up to her.

I listened to the audio version with Erin Mallon and quite enjoyed her narrative. She reads with a great deal of emotion and gives the characters’ distinctive voices. I would definitely enjoy listening to her narration again.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy their romance and was happy that they found their happy ending. The story does have a very satisfying ending, and I may decide to read Dallas’ story, Cameron’s brother. If you enjoy an emotionally-driven romance with excellent pacing, then you will enjoy The Doctor Wears a Stetson. Happy reading!

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