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Thank you for visiting my Blog today. I'm pleased to participate in this exciting Excerpt Tour for Jessica Jefferson's Chasing the Other Tisdale, a wonderful Regency Romance, my favorite genre. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this marvelous novel, and I am sure you will as well. My review is below. 

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She’s the other sister…

Overshadowed by the beauty of her older sister, Lillian is better known as the other Tisdale; unremarkable and unsure how she will ever deliver on the promise of her family's name.

He’s a rake in need of reforming…

Will Colton leads a frivolous existence, embracing notoriety instead of managing his family’s fortune. Determined to forget his financial burden and his father’s growing resentment, he maintains a lifestyle dedicated to pleasure and self-indulgence. When Will is invited to the Tisdale estate for an extended holiday, he never expects to become friends with the forgettable Lillian. But when a family secret comes to light, he must choose between leaving London and protecting the honor of one woman or staying and risking the reputation of another.

Upon his return, Will finds the girl he left behind has come out of the shadows and into her own. Lillian’s finally the center of attention, and not all of it good. With his own reputation in tatters, can a reformed rake lure her out of the hands of London's bachelors and back into his own arms? Can he escape his past and reclaim her heart, or has he lost her forever?


His lips touched hers first, gently, as if testing the waters. The kiss was a challenge, daring her to retreat. But she couldn’t back down now, even if she wanted to. She’d never felt anything as excruciatingly sweet as his lips pressed against hers. His tongue reached out, tentatively asking permission. Her mouth opened for him, tasting him. His kiss was salty and delicious. His tongue probed deeper now, recklessly exploring her mouth with the same enthusiasm as if he’d come across a new world, ready for plunder.

She kissed him back without trepidation, matching his fervor with her own. She heard a soft moan, the sound so far removed from her reality that she wasn’t even certain she’d really made it. But she must have, because a moment later he pulled away, ending their kiss.

The two locked gazes for a moment, both silent as they each absorbed the magnitude of what had just transpired between them.

Mr. Colton broke the stare and stood up, closing the door on that dreamlike state, and forcing them both into reality once again. “Well, I suppose I should be going now,” he announced as nonchalantly as if they’d just finished playing a simple game of backgammon.

“Of course,” she smiled politely, silently kicking herself for acting like such a wanton and scaring the poor man off.

He started walking toward the door, then stopped suddenly.

“Miss Lillian?” He asked, turning to her face her once again.

“Yes, Mr. Colton?”

“Would it be all right if I wrote to you?”

Her heart soared at the question, as if he’d offered for her hand rather than inquired after sharing correspondence. “Why would you want to do that?” she asked, instantly regretting having chanced a reply with anything other than a one syllable answer.

He grinned. “Because I enjoy your company immensely and I’m assuming you’ll be just as entertaining in your letters as you are in person.”

“Well, then, I suppose you may.”

He didn’t say anything in return. Instead, he spun around on the heel of one boot and exited the library.

Published & Release Date: Sole Mate Publishing, February 25, 2015

Time and setting: 1808 England  

Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Level: 1

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Vikki’s Musings

I received Chasing the Other Tisdale from the publisher via Goddess Fish Promotions for an honest review. I love Regencies and looked forward to reading it with great anticipation. This is a delightfully, witty read and it captured my attention from the first page and kept me engaged to the very satisfying ‘Happily Ever After’. I always adore a story that does that.

Lillian Tisdale is a young girl in love with her elder brother’s best friend, William Colton. When she literally falls from a tree, interrupting an amorous moment he is having with a merry widow (Will is a rake and an easy does it kind of guy, just out to have a good time, never taking life too seriously. That does change later in the book.), the next thing she knows is looking up at Will and her arm is broken and her ankle twisted. After he sends away the widow, he picks Lilly up and carries her to the house. Being carried by a strong virile male has her seventeen-year-old heart thumping wildly in her chest. She no longer even recalls his less than desirable behavior with the young widow.

When he returns her sketching pad which had fallen out of the tree, this starts a budding friendship. For some reason, Will is drawn to this sweet and tender-hearted young girl and asks her to write him while he is away at school, and when she asks, he gives Lilly her first kiss. This sets up a correspondence that goes on for several years until Will has a falling out with her brother. Thomas tells Will to stop sending letters to his sister. The rest of the story is filled with marvelous twists and turns, making it a very satisfying read.

Ms. Jefferson brings her characters to life with their witty and sparkling dialogue. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the sisters and look forward to reading their stories as well. In fact I’ve already downloaded Book 1 and Book 2, not sure why Chasing the Other Tisdale is book 3, but I am sure that will be answered when I read them.

Not for what would have worked better for me. While I found the story immensely entertaining, I would have liked to see a bit more depth of emotion in the characters, especially Will. There is a great deal of deep seeded emotional trauma for Will’s character to deal with, and I feel that this could have been more fully developed. Now I am not saying there was not a tremendous amount of growth in the hero’s character arch, I just would have liked his internal thoughts to be filled with more emotion.

However this is supposed to be a light-hearted read, so that may be why there is not more angst in Will’s character. Normally I do not care for much angst. I just feel that there could have been a bit more conflicted emotions going on with Will. After reading some of the reviews, I am the only one that has expressed this opinion and this was certainly not enough to deter my reading pleasure.

This is a delightful and easy read. The pacing is excellent and the story and characters charming. If you are looking for a tale of friendship that becomes so much more, then you will definitely enjoy Chasing the Other Tisdale. Happy reading!
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Jessica Jefferson makes her home in northern Indiana, or as she likes to think of it—almost Chicago.  She is heavily inspired by classic sweeping, historical romance novels, but aims to take those key emotional elements and inject a fresh blend of quick dialogue and comedy.  She invites you to visit her at and read more of her random romance musings.

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Chasing the Other Tisdale, Compromising Miss Tisdale and Taming Miss Tisdale from Soul Mate Publishing, available now on Amazon!

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